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Harmony via form and colour

« Every field is covered in grass and every tree filled with leaves; now the trees are giving birth to their blossoms while the year is receiving its cape of joy».

During the “Harmony via form and colour” workshop organised on March, 11th 2021, within the etwinning project called “In my dreams!” the students involved displayed a great level of joy in order to be a part of such a large project coordinated by Turkey in partnership with Georgia, Ukraine, Poland and Romania. The main aim of the project is to ensure an optimal affective and emotional state among students especially in the context of the pandemics caused by the SARS COV-2 virus.
The activity took place on the Zoom platform and it was coordinated by the Romanian team of the “Anton Pann School” in Rm. Valcea Andreea CONSTANTINESCU (English teacher) Valeria CARALICEA (ICT teacher) and Letitia MURARUS (biology teacher and the coordinator of the project in Romania), in collaboration with a local partner from the Secondary School “Friedrich Schiller” in Tg. Mures– Natalia STOICA.
The general aims of the above-mentioned activity were:
• to develop students’ digital abilities via the creation of a poster to promote the event;
• to refresh essential information in biology related to the elements of a plant with flowers;
• to develop the participants’ imagination and boost their creativity—as vital abilities for being part of the current society;
• to present the effects that colours have on our nervous systems and on ensuring an optimal affective and emotional state;
• to present the main steps of making a painting;
• to make presentations on famous painters and on representative works of art;
• last but not least was the “live painting” activity in which Stefania Popescu showed the participants how to paint a snowdrop (Galanthus)
This activity included combining vegetal-based materials and shapes with harmoniously mixed colours such as yellow, green and brown or even white. This step meant creating a connection between the information studied in class and the activities of the project.
Therefore, all the students, coordinated by their teachers, showed their written and verbal communication abilities in the English language as well as their digital abilities in conjunction with their artistic sense due to valuable information gained in this course.
At the end of the activity, Natalia STOICA displayed the works of her pupils.
For this special day, the host chose a musical suite, full of humour and grace, a work very much loved by teachers and students alike, a parody consisting of 14 parts, “The Carnival of the Animals,” by Camille Saint-Saëns. Immediately after this artistic moment, the students went on presenting their favourite part of a work they have created using different art techniques: geo-art, collage, fingerprinting or mixed techniques.
The activity fulfilled its purpose and this can also be seen from the messages that the participants posted on the rich Padlet they created at the end of the activity. We would like to thank them all—teachers and students alike—and especially our coordinator Ferda Ozenbirkan who successfully stimulates our interest in engaging in all our planned activities!
“I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose, I would always greet it in the garden.”
– Ruth Stout

Letitia MURARUS -biology teacher
Andreea CONSTANTINESCU -english teacher